Build Custom Town House

Custom town houses with expert guidance and advice.

Town houses have become one of Australia’s most popular home options.

…but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to build.

In fact, custom town houses can be some of the most difficult building projects you can ever undertake. That’s why they require expert guidance and advice through the entire building process.

The benefits of building a townhouse are numerous:

  • Town houses provide more variety in constructing the exact type of home you want
  • Town houses are generally more affordable than other types of home constructions
  • Town houses provide variety in allowing privacy within the home for multiple occupants, within a smaller square footage
  • Many town houses have lower ongoing costs due to smaller gardens and less energy
  • Town houses provide a feeling of community, with privacy that can’t be obtained in an apartment building

But building a town house requires careful attention to detail.

Building custom town houses with expert advice.

With good land becoming harder to find, building custom town houses can be a great option to achieve the square footage you need while still building a home at an affordable price.

However, you should be careful when investigating the type of town house you want to build.

Many building providers claim to offer custom off-the-plan options, but in reality these are often just a few of the same options with a few variations.

True custom town houses are built in conjunction with you, the buyer, and true experts in architectural design. Any professional custom home builder needs to understand your needs not only now, but what your needs in the future may be as well.

That’s exactly what we do at Nav Homes.

We guide custom town houses from beginning to end.

We work with the very best architectural designers, tradespeople and builders to listen to your needs and provide you with expert guidance every step of the way. A town house requires different building plans and opportunities than a single or double story home, and our expertise reflects that nuance.

Throughout your journey with Nav Homes, we make sure that you stay informed and empowered. Every question is welcomed.

But not only that, we work with you to make sure that your custom town house truly reflects what you want, not just a simple variation on a pre-planned set of architectural designs.

Want to learn more about Nav Homes and the custom town houses we provide? Browse our projects, and follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest builds. When you’re ready, book a consultation through the website to start your custom build journey.

We can’t wait to get started on your dream home.

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