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We welcome people to ask more questions, we are happy to answer them.

Yes, definitely. We can itemize what we can offer you with your budget. We can alter options to suit your needs and stay within your budget.
Yes, we can give you a fixed price contract for your peace of mind and our price won’t change unless you change your mind.
Yes, we find that most of the times, if you get a design from a project home builder and put it on your block, then it won’t work perfectly. Some issues you might have are, not getting enough sunlight/natural lighting, natural ventilation and of course not being design specific based on your needs. We find that our level of service and flexibility is unmatched by bigger builders since they have bigger overhead costs.

With the construction cost, we find that after customising your design with us, you will end up paying the same or less than what you would have paid a project home builder but you end up with a much better design that suits you and much better finishes. This is because we work with your set budget and try to be smart about the finishes to get the maximum luxury look, yet staying within your budget.

No, we have built many homes with low budgets, yet keeping the qualities as high a possible. We have many years of experience and know how to make things look good without spending a fortune. Get in contact with us to know how we can help you achieve this.

We can be very fast with the construction side of things, given your bank loan is ready and you pre-select your finishes with us, with our time line.

Generally, we can build a single-story home in about 3-5 months, 4-7 months for a double story, Duplexes are 4-8 months and Granny flats 2-4 months.

Yes, we have different sites across Sydney and the best way to find out, is to email or call us with your preferred area, size/type of the house and budget and we will let you know what we have available at the time.

Yes, you can bring your own plans and we can assist you with the construction side of it.
We can build anywhere in Sydney metropolitan area. Get in contact with us to double check if you are unsure.
Yes, we have experience building on sloped blocks and can guide you through the best options to suit the site.

Yes of course. We build on any size land, regardless of width or shape, following the relevant standards and controls.

Yes, given we are a custom-made home builder, we have built many homes of this type and definitely assist you with this.
At Nav Homes we provide the whole package, from the very first phone call, initial consultation, to meeting and planning of each stage to the design and construction of individually customised plans. We combine our industry experience and networks from all aspects of the construction industry to provide a variety of building options and satisfy a range of budgetary needs.
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