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At Nav Homes we are all about providing a customised homes for every budget

Nav Homes is a constructions company specialising in building new homes, knock-down and rebuilds, architectural designs and building consultancy. Our experiences have seen us develop a strong working relationship with people of the construction industry including architects, contractors, engineers as well as our constantly growing list of clients.

At Nav Homes we provide the whole package, from the very first phone call, initial consultation, to meeting and planning of each stage to the design and construction of individually customised plans. We combine our industry experience and networks from all aspects of the construction industry to provide a variety of building options and satisfy a range of budgetary needs.
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Delivering Better House Design

We understand that every land has unique characteristics and the design should adapt accordingly. These include land size, slopes, sun and wind direction etc. As a result we will maximise your land’s potentials in order to deliver a better house design.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you, the client, is to provide the right expertise to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

We Build Amazing Designs

Designs focused on uniqueness whilst maintaining its functionality. 

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Design Inspired by Life

It is human nature to love what is aesthetically beautiful and this is shaped by our life experiences. Create a home shaped around your lifestyle and what is beautiful to you.

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